Should You Buy a 4x4 or 4x2?

Should You Buy a 4x4 or 4x2?

There are quite a few variables that come into play when deciding whether to buy a 4x4 SUV or 4x2 SUV.

We're going to breakdown what exactly 4x4 SUV and 4x2 SUV mean and the pros & cons of each drivetrain option to help you decide on which type of SUV to purchase.

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Which Jeep Should You Get?

Which Jeep Should You Get?

4x4 and 4x2 SUVs refer to the type of drivetrain on the SUV. Depending on the type of drivetrain, drive and torque will be delivered to certain wheels on the vehicle. All 4 wheels on a vehicle are not always actually being "driven".

On a 4x2 drivetrain vehicle, only two of the wheels are being given torque. This can either be given to the front wheel axis or the rear wheel axis. You may have heard of the terms Front-Wheel Drive(FWD) and Rear-Wheel Drive(RWD). The specific type of 4x2 drivetrain is what these are referencing.

On a 4x4 drivetrain vehicle, all four of the wheels are being given torque. All-Wheel Drive(AWD) and Four-Wheel Drive(4WD) are 4x4 drivetrains.

What Are The Pros of a 4x4 SUV?

There are quite a few advantages of choosing a 4x4 SUV over a 4x2 SUV. The first and foremost is that 4x4 vehicles have increased traction and stability which makes them great at handling adverse weather conditions.

You'll have a much easier time in rain, snow or ice with a 4x4 vehicle. 4x4 SUVs are also much more capable of off-roading conditions. If you enjoy off-roading and adventuring or have to work in an off-road environment, a 4x4 SUV is probably a better choice.

  • Increased Traction and Stability
  • Great Off-Roading Capability
  • Better in adverse weather conditions such as rain, snow or ice.
  • Higher resale value
What Are The Pros of a 4x4 SUV

What Are The Possible Cons of 4x4 SUV?

What Are The Possible Cons of 4x4 SUV?

4x4 SUVs also have their drawbacks. They are more expensive than a 4v2 SUV simply due to the increased production costs involved. What is a surprise to most people is that the insurance cost is higher on the 4x4 SUVs.

Even though the vehicles are better in bad weather, insurance companies believe that this causes drivers to operate in a riskier manner and are therefore more likely to get in an accident. 4x4 SUVs have the lower towing capacity and lower fuel economy due to the increased weight of the vehicle.

  • Higher MSRP
  • Higher Insurance Cost
  • Lower Towing Capacity
  • Lower Fuel Economy

What Are The Pros of Buying A 4x2 SUV?

4x2 SUVs can be a better choice for many over 4x4s. First and foremost, they are less expensive than a 4x4 SUV. Due to the lighter weight of a 4x2 SUV, they have the superior towing capacity and fuel economy compared to the 4x4. Insurance companies believe that 4x2 SUVs are less likely to get in an accident, so the insurance cost will be lower as well.

  • Lower Purchase Cost
  • Higher Towing Capacity
  • Better Fuel Economy
  • Lower Insurance
What Are The Pros of Buying A 4x2 SUV?

What Are The Possible Cons of 4x2 SUV?

What Are The Possible Cons of 4x2 SUV?

4x2 SUVs have very clear weaknesses relative to their 4x4 counterparts. Performance is the main weakness of the 4x2. They will have less traction and stability which means they cannot handle off-roading, rain, snow, or ice as well as a 4x4 SUV can.

  • Less Traction and Stability
  • Not as much Off-Road Capability
  • Not as good in rain, snow, and ice

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